What is Quick Book in IRCTC and How it Works

RCTC Mobile Ticket Booking | Book Train Ticket on Mobile Phone
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Quick Book is an option on the IRCTC website which helps you booking the train tickets faster and quicker. It is basically allowing the users to perform all booking related work on a single page, you enter the details of the train and passengers on a single page.

On the next screen, you will be asked to make the payments and ticket booking will be done, this is really helpful for the tatkal bookings.

What is Quick Book in IRCTC and How it Works?

  • This form is for users who are well acquainted with the IRCTC Ticket Booking Procedure.
  • It provides a mode of booking wherein the registered user has an option to populate the form in a single page and proceed to make payments to book the tickets.
  • It is assumed that user is well aware of the fare and Route details of his travel.
  • Register as an individual. Registration is FREE.
  • Log-in by entering your username and password.
  • For Quick Book click on the link “QuickBook” on the home page and then log in using your user-id and password or at left navigation under “Services” after login on plan my travel page.

What is Quick Book in IRCTC and How it Works - techinfoBiT



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