Google Search Rival Apple Search !


Apple might be planning its entry in search engine business

Yet another guessing game begins after Cult of Mac spotted a job ad that references the job summary calls for a project manager to work on “a search platform supporting hundreds of millions of users” and “play a part in revolutionizing how people use their computers and mobile devices.”

Brushing up the history, In late 2012, Apple hired search guru William Stasior: a veteran of both Amazon and AltaVista. Then, last year, developer Jan Moesen discovered a web-crawling bot originating from Apple’s servers.

Keeping the dominance of Google in mind, Apple clearly knows that no one is going to switch their search engine to “”. Apple’s next-gen virtual assistant Siri, already has the ability to usefully implement search results based on the task assigned, as well as bolstering the Spotlight Search feature in OS X Yosemite.

So, Apple’s new advertised position makes more sense to augment the existing Spotlight Search rather than getting in the race against fully-fledged search engines. If Apple was ever going to enter the search market, now would be seem to be the right time as Apple’s long-running search agreement with Google for its Safari browser expires this year.

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