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I know that many of you may know about this but I can’t stop myself to post about this amazing service of internet giant, Google. Its’ called Google SMS Search by this you can get the search results just by sending the SMS, you do not need to have an internet connection to get the results for your search query.

It works exactly like texting (SMSing), Google has a 10 digit phone number where you can text your query or the information you’re looking for and Google will reply via text message with the suitable or results/answer. You might be charged get charged for the SMS which will be the regular SMS charges charged by your network provider.

I use this Google service most of the time when I am not in the internet coverage area, or traveling to my village, we do not have internet or electricity in my village so this type of service is really a savior in such situations. If I have something to know like live cricket score, PNR status, the meaning of a word, some more common daily thing that I use to Google, I can easily get such searching facilities via Google SMS Search too.

Its very simple to use:

  1. Open text message > create a new message
  2. Write what you looking for in message box
  3. Send to 9773300000

You will receive your desired result as soon as your message will be delivered to Google system, the accuracy of your result depend upon your capability and searching intelligence of entering keyword as search input.

Example, for PNR status, just send your PNR number to 9773300000 you will get all information about ticket including charting status, date and time of journey.

Looking for the hotel in any city? just enter City Name single space Hotel like Bangalore Hotel and send to 9773300000. You will get the list of hotel in the city including telephone number.

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