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How To Submit Your Blog To Google News | technfoBiT
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Google News is a free news aggregator by Google, selecting up-to-date news from thousands of publications. It covers news articles appearing within the past 30 days on various news websites. Google news has a massive number of followers who browse and follows the news appearing on Google News.

So it can be the right place for driving traffic to your blog and Google News will also give you a boost in search engine especially in Google Search. So if you haven’t added your blog to Google News yet, you should do it today !!. But before jumping to the submission process, you must go through the Google Webmaster Guidelines and Google News Specific Guidelines to know the stuff before thinking, How To Submit Your Blog To Google News.

Some Important Points You Should Consider:

  • You should have Google News Sitemap (Not mandatory, but it’s important).
  • Permanent article URLs.
  • Use titles that accurately describe the news topics. The title should be unique compared to other news sites.
  • Your blog site should have quality content and a decent number of posts.
  • Use related images with proper ALT tags in your posts.
  • Google News preferring the sites which provide fresh contents on a regular basis
  • Articles should have a sufficient length of contents not less than 250 words.
  • About, Contact, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer pages are also important to validate your blog for Google News as well as for your readers.

Check the above-mentioned points before submitting your site to Google News. These factors will increase the chances of getting reviewed & approved your blog faster.
If your blog is lacking some of the points mentioned above, you can wait for a few weeks and prepare your blog before submitting to Google News, create necessary pages and increase the frequency of publishing article.

Once you feel your blog is ready to get listed in Google News follow the following steps.

  • Click Here to open the Google News Publisher Center.
  • If your blog is already added in Google Webmaster Tools you can verify your site just by clicking verify site in search console.
  • Or go with an option saying “Want to suggest a website for Google News?”

How to Submit Your Blog to Google News - techinfoBiT

  • Enter all the details like description of your blog, your name, address, blog URL etc.

How to Submit Your Blog to Google News - techinfoBiT

  • Once you filled all detail correctly then click on “Submit” to submit your blog for review.

After clicking on “Submit” it will take 1-3  week to get reviewed by Google News team. You may receive one mail once your blog gets approved or you can check from Google News Publisher Center.

How to Submit Your Blog to Google News - techinfoBiT


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